55th ETDS — Official Trailer — Proudly Presented by Team Berlin

11 October, 2015

Registration is Open

1 March, 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen, Team Berlin is happy to announce that the registration for the 55th ETDS is open. You want to experience the golden age of extravagance, learn the Charleston and dive into the glamorous nightlife? Get your ticket for a roaring Golden Twenties adventure!

Status Update — Good News

2 February, 2016

We are happy to announce that we managed to find a wonderful location that would love to host our ETDS. Currently, we are settling on the last details and we are about to finalize the contracts.

So the good news is: Only a few more days and we will open registration! Please get your team ready, we will have a first-come-first-serve registration. We are looking forward to welcoming your team in Berlin.

Quick, quick, slow!

Status Update — Open Letter

6 January, 2016

We would like to give you a brief update on the progress of our ETDS Organization. Team Berlin is really enthusiastic about hosting another ETDS. We are very happy that we received so much positive feedback on our theme presentation in Brno — we are so looking forward to have sparkling days and roaring nights at our "Golden Twenties" ETDS... But in contrast to this happy theme, we are facing some major organizational problems.

Unfortunately, the current political situation is giving us a troublesome time. Berlin — among many other cities — is facing a giant influx of refugees who are fleeing from their home countries. Every month, thousands of refugees pour into the city and seek shelter and support. The Berlin City Mayor announced "unlimited support". So currently, every free hall, sports facility, fairground, event location is either already converted into a refugee shelter or might be taken soon.

The bottom line is: We have lost our ETDS venue. Although the school we had planned to book is non-public, the authorities withdrew their promise to host our ETDS.

So currently we do our very best to find an alternative. We already visited a few places and are trying to fix this. It seems we will be getting a sleeping hall from our university but unfortunately there is no suitable dancing hall nearby. So we might have to face some inner-city-travelling. But this is just one option so please make no bookings yet. ;)

Please keep in mind that we are aiming for you to have the best ETDS experience possible. In case our solution will come with some discomfort or inconveniences, I kindly ask you to calm down and relax - be assured it will be the best solution that we can offer. In case you are not content with our solution, please do not sign up. We will publish all data as soon it is set and you are free to chose if you want to join. If so, bring a smile and ETDS spirit. :)

We are not considering to cancel the ETDS, but currently we cannot plan, where, how, or what kind of tournament we can arrange. We will not open registration before having a signed venue contract.

So we kindly ask you to be patient and wait for the next news.